One of the top names of modern theatre, Mikko Roiha has directed a tragicomedy about two janitors who decide to plot a revolution.

The janitors, stuck in oblivion at their posts on a sports field, wait for their supervisor Raakkonen, who never arrives. On Raakkonen’s orders, the men prepare the field for a student tournament. They pass the time by marking the field lines, daydreaming and arguing.

Brilliantly written by Okko Leo, The Pitch is about the endeavour to define one’s own identity, but it is also a story of love and believing in one’s possibilities.

Director and set design Mikko Roiha
Text Okko Leo
Performers Marja Myllylä and Kirsi Asikainen
Video design
 Jukka Horsmanheimo
Sound design Antti Mäkelä
Costume design Taina Sivonen
Production Korjaamo Theatre, Vapaa Theatre, Kajaani City Theatre, TTT -Theatre in Tampere, Vaasa City Theatre
Premiere 23.2.2012 in Berlin, Germany
Required venue size (width x depth x height) 8m x 6m x 4,5m
Touring group 2 + 2
Duration 1 h 20 min
Performance language Finnish, surtitled in English/German